Thursday, July 19, 2012

bovine shanghai count sheets

bovine and shanghai count sheet

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dubstep remix of John Cages 4:33

I have made a dubstep remix of John Cages 4:33 please to be enjoying.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Charanjit Singh's Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat: Dubstep version from the Wubmachine

I used the Wubmachine to turn Charanjit Singh's Ten Ragas To a Disco Beat into Dubstep.

Enjoy, you can download them Here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Character RPG system.

The Character system has no predefined rules, tables, character stats, or genra.

The Instigator of Play starts a discussion for the prefered genra of the session and the group defines the setting collaboratively.

Each player then performs a soliliquy that describes and defines their Character and its relationship to the setting. Characters can be new or persistant.

The Instigator guides the Players in the activities of these Characters as they experience their Character, the other players Characters, and the collaboratively generated world.

Any Character can attempt to perform any action.
If The Instigator or any other Player thinks that an action should be challenged, resisted, or opposed they can request a Roll.

The Instigator places any number of random generators down. Other players can add, remove, or swap generators; and suggest specific conditional modifiers, results for failure or success for individual generators or the Roll as a whole.

The Generators are rolled to determine the Target and Conditons.

The Instigator then, based on their grasp of the Players Character offers a selection of generators to the Player. The other Players then modify the selection as they did with the Target and Conditions.

The Player then Rolls their Attempt.

The Attempt is resolved by Instigator and Players and Role Play continues.

Particularially good Role Play is rewarded by Instigator or Players giving Players generators that they can use at any time to modify any Attempt at any point.

Critical successes and failures should involve the owing and recieving of drinks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My first mashup...

Really more of an 'edit'. Ever since I heard Barbi play Duck Sauce at Watusi a few weeks ago I've wanted to do this. So I pulled out a ten year old copy of Sound Forge and slapped it together. DJ's please feel free to grab a copy... as if anyone cool like a DJ reads this; except maybe Barbi and Osaze - but thats only because I'm going to tell them about it.

I present to you

Libyan Duck Sauce - Muammar Gadaffii (Shaze Edit)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I realized that I've been using a Minecraft shovel for 6 years.

This wooden 'shovel' was in my apartmemt when I moved in six years ago.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mincraft Diet

I see loads of Epic Builds coming out of Minecraft and have an idea for a way of implementing the Minecraft concept in a real world way that could be beneficial to gamer types; The Minecraft Diet.

The premise of the diet is to build your meals using Minecraft techniques.

Ingredients can only be basic elements of food such as raw grains, fruit, vegetables and meats. Spices can only be bought in their freshest possible form, and all sauces, marinades, and the like must be prepared from scratch - no prepackaged or processed foods or foodlike ingredients allowed.

Additionally you can only use the simplest of implements - no mechanized or electric mixers or blenders, and ideally only cook over a wood or charcoal fire (if Notch ever implements oil and the fuel cracking process I guess a gas stove would be acceptable).

It would essentially make a game out of learning how to cook real, nutritious food from scratch. The truly hardcore players would grind their own flour, churn their own butter, and if they go for the high score brew their own beer.

It's not something that everyone could do, with the availability of affordable raw foods becoming harder to find in urban centers, but definatly a worthwhile challenge.