Monday, May 12, 2008

Oooooooh I have a secret!

I do DVDs, as I well know; nobody reads this so, I don't know why I bother even stating that, as everyone that will ever read it (me) already knows this (aw shit, I've gone recursively self-referential). Anyway. I'm gonna be doing the Universal sampler disc this week - popping episodes of their shows onto DVDs to send out to stations, or clients, or whatever - its a tasty little snack-o-shows for promotional purposes. Well, I just got a couple of bundles of masters in, and there is a tape with 4th season Heroes stuff on it OMFGWTFBBCLOLCATSROTFLMAOAYBABTU!!!! I've yet to look at it, but I'm turgid with anticipation. We're doing the whole NDA thing, which is cool - 'cuz once I've seen it I can make an off-hand comment to my nerdly/fanboy friends that I HAD to watch this new, as yet unreleased Heroes footage - and then I don't have to tell them a damn thing about what happens in it because I'm protected from wheedling and whining by my NDA. He He He - it's deliciously evil in a petty, insignificant way, but hey - ya get yer kicks where you can.

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I am a bad blogger, a lazy blogger, or I just lead a very boring life.

Well, been about two years since I posted anything, blasted up a couple of hundred pictures of the offspring and some zombiewalk stuff, then just forgot about this thing.
Here's a quick update for my 0 readers...
Evelyn is growing up fast - and with me working seven days a week I'm missing most of it. I wish I was better at playing with her, and had more time during the day to do things with her; often by the time I get home it's too late to go out to play, ot I'm told not to get her riled up before bed. I'm looking forward to when she's old enough to appreciate me reading to her at bedtime because I have so many things to teach her, and good stories are a great way to teach.
Still working at CFA - we've moved to Leslie and Eglington now, so I get a 45 min ride on my electric bike to and fro - I enjoy the ride, its only a little exercise,, but the time to think and listen to music or audio books is nice. I still work at Shanghie Cowgirl on the weekends - more mindless a-book time.
Game is kinda back on again - once a month for a Grim and Gritty campaign. Been thinking about that type of gaming a lot since we started, and I think I may go back and do some rewrites on Torchbearer and Plague war using the Grim and gritty genera instead of the high magic I have been using for most of my writing (when I actually write). On the topic of writing, I'm still trying to get the writing to flow - not mapping out every F$%^ing inch of everything I do sped things up a bit, but now that I don't have a place away form my desk to go and chill for lunch I've been failing to dedicate any time to writing.
I've put the link to here on my nav bar, maybe the constant reminder will help me update with greater frequency... well see I guess.

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