Monday, September 20, 2004

Dean Blundel doesn't know crap about local celebrities.

So, this morning on the 102.1 morning show they totally dissed Joey and The Baron Marcus! They didn't think they were in possesion of enough celebrosity to qualify for the Wheel of Gluttony. Idiots! I guess that means that I have to lay a Jedi smackdown on the whole morning crew! O.K. here it goes with the Jedi Mind trick. Harumph Uuuuuuuuuuung! There, they'll all have big nasty embarrasing skid marks in their shorts tonight when they get undressed - that'll show them.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

followed by Bunchafuckingoofs. Some good sunshine and tunes were had by all.
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Opening up this afternoon in Kensington Market on Nassau St. were Resinators
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So, we met up with The Baron Marcus and Joey "Accordian Guy" DeVille at the Edge 102 studios and went on air to qualify for the Wheel of Gluttony. Marcus got a chance to promo the next Vampire Beach Babes show at the Opera House this October 29 - It's gonna be amazing (and Joey said he might be Busking out front). Mmmmm Rock and roll, Celebrities from the Adult Entertainment industry, and Accorian Guy! Posted by Hello

Today is the big day!

We're taking The Baron Marcus, and Accordian Guy down to the Edge 102 studio for a test of celebrity status. We didn't see Steve Goof last night so we couldn't ask him as well - but the combination of local talent should do the trick. Pictures and report (with a cross link to Joey) to come later today.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

And so does Baron Marcus!

Now we have a rendevous with Baron Marcus of Vampire Beach Babes who may be coming down to Edge 102 to help us qualify for the Wheel of Gluttony! I'm gonna Email Joey and let him know that we've got a "Local Celebrity" posse forming! I'm gonna try and get Steve Goof to join up! We'll go by Planet Kensington on our way to Ein-Steins for pint later.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Joey deVilla ROCKS!

He has most humbly show interest in the test of celebrosity!!!

Hopefully we can arrange a meet and go down to the station (at his convenience of course - celebrities have busy schedules), and maybe I'll win that prize! Ohhhhh I can hear my school debt shrinking already! And I'm gonna buy an accordion too!

For those that don't know him, you really should.
My Canada Includes Accordian Guy

I hate people that don't know how to communicate what they want (impending rant)

So, yesterday I get a quickie job come in, convert a DVD to an MPEG-2 file - no big thang... So I thought. The short of it is this, the DVD that I got was burnt at 9.3MB/s, and the DVD spec for our systems maxes out at 9 (8 for practical purposes). I could make the file just fine, but when I tried to play it back through a software decoder the picture lagged behind the audio - the images were too detailed to be rendered in real time by the windows media player on a 3.4 GHz system! Well, anyway, after 10 hours of wrestling with this damn thing, I'm able to get hold of the original SP master, encode it at a practical Bit Rate and spit out an MPEG-2 file. All is well

Until this morning - the client wanted each clip as a stand alone .avi file, not one long MPEG-2 mutter mutter mutter...

My only consolation is that the processing time that it's going take will leave me sitting here half the day 'attending' the systems while they do the work, and today is NNTV day - 90 minutes of Naked News to watch to ensure that there are no errors in the encode. Pleasant, but I've seen these women naked so often that I'm actually entertained more by the humor than the nakedity, but I will admit that being paid to watch naked women is kind of sweet.

Another consolation is the fact that one of the clips on this disc is a performance of a poem called "Fort Goof", about well, "Fort Goof", the bandage of Bunchafuckingoofs that used to exist in Kensington market - I made a VHS dub for Steve Goof, in case he doesn't have a copy.

I need to get hold of Joey Devilla AKA "Accordian Guy"- I want him to be my celebrity for the Edge 102.1 Wheel of Gluttony - I think he's a celebrity, and I'll lay a Jedi smackdown on anyone that says different! I have until Tuesday next week to get him to come to the station with me (The prize is $10000 cash, a miata and some kind of truck I think). I think I'll email him right now (Yeah boy - I'm calling you out! Step up Step Up!)... Email is away, now to wait and see if he's up for it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Busy week

Wow, was this past week busy - making the dvd's here in
the dvd factory...

Actually, the past week has been pretty dull. We went
out clubbing on the weekend, spent WAY too much money
, and now we get to stay home and do nothing for the next
month or two to catch up.

I think I wanna go out to The Mod Club this Thursday -
it'll be like the Wednesdays at Dance Cave back in the
day when Dwight was spinning there.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

If Monday is a day off, is Tuesday effectively a Monday, should I hate the Tuesday?

Ahh Monday Tuesday... Damn wanders off in search of coffee

O.K., I'm semi-sane now, not to last long though. I'll be spending
the day chopping up 70's movies into 20 second clips, and cleaning
up the audio. The first on my plate today is "The Return of the Man
From U.N.C.L.E." - T.V. movies are the worst, the quality of the
tapes is usually inferior to films.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Labour Game Day 2004 Micro-Mini Con

Shanes Secret Journal

Labour Game Day Micro-Mini Con 2004 on August 8 was super.
Attendees were
James, Dre, Duncan, Dave (Smurf), Mark (Smurfs Brother),
Dave (Abatka), Elizabeth,Claire, Donny, Bill, Mona, Abby
and Baby John, Tabitha, Randy, Big C.,

We ate many pork products from the grill, I made sushi,
and we defeated the Evil Squirrel People, and freed the
slaves from the nut mines - but when the Squirrel King
was given mercy and allowed to flee he left with the
mythic Keys. Now we gotta go find him - but thats next week.

Labour Game Day Micro-Mini Con 2004 Posted by Hello

I love Webcomics

Shanes Secret Journal

AH HA! I found a way to have some of my most favoritest things avaliable on one page, at work, and I only need to do 1 click and a backspace to get between them! Of course I regularly check the top level of these pagesand click through the advertisements to ensure that such fine brain-candy will continue well into the future.

Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive
Clan Of The Cats
User Friendly

And if you have the time, some darn tootin fine gaming
Kingdom of Loathing
Now thats what I call a coffee break.

Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming

Shanes Secret Journal

The Labour Day Gaming/BBQ Song
(Sung to the tune of "Badger Badger Badger" by Weebl)
Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming
Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming Gaming
It's Labour Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Labour Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

YAY! Many peoples are coming to the game today, for Fantastical Gamer/BBQ Fun!

Gotta send a reminder email to everyone...

There, now we shall have a party(verb) happening while the Party(noun) is happening :P

Come, yes come to D&D's for the Gamer Geeks Labour Day Game/BBQ Extravaganza! Posted by Hello

Andre hates having his picture taken so I have to make sure that he never sees this. Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I hate drunk drivers, I mean, I REALLY HATE DRUNK DRIVERS!

Shanes Secret Journal

Excitement! Thrills! Danger!

Yup, thats the intersection of Ossington and Harrison.

We just had a drunk driver crash into a tree right outside a
Pre-school. The plates were stolen, the car wasn't registered
to the driver and the driver had no insurance. The driver and passenger
attempted to change the flat caused by hitting the curb and tree
and get away before the police came.

Got the F$#%^er - I hate drunk drivers.

I had four patrol cars and a traffic bike here before they could get

Score one for Involved Citizens.

The car that crashed on Ossington just north of Dundas @11:40PM Sunday August 5th Posted by Hello

Ambush Bug, one of the greatest creations of comicdom ever. Thats my vote for the next live action comic to movie project. I think it would be super cool because Ambush Bug is one of the very few comic book characters that KNOW that they are comic book characters - imagine the breaking of the forth wall that could be done while writing the script for that! Posted by Hello

Post party hungover webcam installation test picture... boy do I look burnt out. Posted by Hello

Meesa is awakee now

Didn't get to sleep 'till 8:30 this morning, those 'lil sumpinsumpins
took longer than I tough to wear off.

Nice easy aftermorning this fine Sunday, getting my Webcam up and going so I can start capturing pics and vids to use with my video encoder/decoder card (scored a Netstream 2000 MPG-2 card, now all I need is to find some good software to use with it).

I saw and I'm very impressed, and inspired - I wanna do an Ambush Bug/ Steven Write version of this, of Bobcat Goldthwait/Wolverine, or Denis Leary/Lobo... Too bad I can't draw worth shit, but then again the Interwebnet should have lots of images to rip off and alter.

Emailed many peoples to invite them to Duncan and Dres housewarming/gamehosting party tommorrow - it should be fun.

YAY! The webcam works, now, as per my earlier post, I need Malt Liquor and Sherry so that I may begin total and complete domination of the interwebnets media outlets BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.


Duncan and Dres place Posted by Hello

I can't get my boots off.

Back from the clubbing type thingy.
Went to Vatikan - nobody we really know, so we went by Velvet, and kept going by the huge crowd of smokers out front.
After a couple of drinks at Taro

AHHH, first boot off

We went back to Velvet for a drink and some dancing.
D'Jesse and Daniel were there. and Mona was about I think.

After dropping by Daniels for a 'lil sumpinsumpin we went to Darkrave, and
a good time was had by all. We met Mini RobandAbby - Steven and Emily,kinda freeky similarities.
We invited them, and Mona and her beau to come to game on Monday.

For those interested, many people will be coming to 78 Dewson St Toronto, ON
just north of college and east of ossington. Bring drink and meat, for we shall feast and roleplay. The maps up top.

Now it is time to chilax and wait for the sumpinsumpins to wear off so I may sleep.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Castle Claire, 5 houre and 1 botte of Old English 800 :P Posted by Hello

Sherry, it's like Malt Liquor, but classier

Mmmmmm Old English 800, nectar of the EVIL gods, it brings me sweet lethargy and an absence of worries, but, there is a new challenger that has risen from the shelves of the liquor store. Brights Pale Dry Select Sherry has proven itself to be a worthy adversary for my indulgences.
Half a bottle and I've become happy enough to start blogging.

I figure that this secret blog of my deepest thoughts, desires, and dreams will help me to overcome the heart wrenching anguish that is all of reality, that primordial exstacy of socio-psycic ennui that pervades my deepest soul...

Oh, thats right, I'm not a Goth anymore, and I havn't really listened to Morrisy in years.

Strangely enough however, I'm now going to Vatican in hopes that it is a dead night - so they will play my requests.

Here, have a picture...

Thats the result of 4 hours and 1 bottle of Old English 800. My obtaining Gmail and starting a Blog is 3 hours and 1 bottle of Brights Pale Dry Select Sherry. MY GODDESs! The absolute power over the Internetweb I could have if I combine the awesome might of these two potables!

I'm going to the club.