Thursday, September 16, 2004

I hate people that don't know how to communicate what they want (impending rant)

So, yesterday I get a quickie job come in, convert a DVD to an MPEG-2 file - no big thang... So I thought. The short of it is this, the DVD that I got was burnt at 9.3MB/s, and the DVD spec for our systems maxes out at 9 (8 for practical purposes). I could make the file just fine, but when I tried to play it back through a software decoder the picture lagged behind the audio - the images were too detailed to be rendered in real time by the windows media player on a 3.4 GHz system! Well, anyway, after 10 hours of wrestling with this damn thing, I'm able to get hold of the original SP master, encode it at a practical Bit Rate and spit out an MPEG-2 file. All is well

Until this morning - the client wanted each clip as a stand alone .avi file, not one long MPEG-2 mutter mutter mutter...

My only consolation is that the processing time that it's going take will leave me sitting here half the day 'attending' the systems while they do the work, and today is NNTV day - 90 minutes of Naked News to watch to ensure that there are no errors in the encode. Pleasant, but I've seen these women naked so often that I'm actually entertained more by the humor than the nakedity, but I will admit that being paid to watch naked women is kind of sweet.

Another consolation is the fact that one of the clips on this disc is a performance of a poem called "Fort Goof", about well, "Fort Goof", the bandage of Bunchafuckingoofs that used to exist in Kensington market - I made a VHS dub for Steve Goof, in case he doesn't have a copy.

I need to get hold of Joey Devilla AKA "Accordian Guy"- I want him to be my celebrity for the Edge 102.1 Wheel of Gluttony - I think he's a celebrity, and I'll lay a Jedi smackdown on anyone that says different! I have until Tuesday next week to get him to come to the station with me (The prize is $10000 cash, a miata and some kind of truck I think). I think I'll email him right now (Yeah boy - I'm calling you out! Step up Step Up!)... Email is away, now to wait and see if he's up for it.


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