Saturday, September 04, 2004

Sherry, it's like Malt Liquor, but classier

Mmmmmm Old English 800, nectar of the EVIL gods, it brings me sweet lethargy and an absence of worries, but, there is a new challenger that has risen from the shelves of the liquor store. Brights Pale Dry Select Sherry has proven itself to be a worthy adversary for my indulgences.
Half a bottle and I've become happy enough to start blogging.

I figure that this secret blog of my deepest thoughts, desires, and dreams will help me to overcome the heart wrenching anguish that is all of reality, that primordial exstacy of socio-psycic ennui that pervades my deepest soul...

Oh, thats right, I'm not a Goth anymore, and I havn't really listened to Morrisy in years.

Strangely enough however, I'm now going to Vatican in hopes that it is a dead night - so they will play my requests.

Here, have a picture...

Thats the result of 4 hours and 1 bottle of Old English 800. My obtaining Gmail and starting a Blog is 3 hours and 1 bottle of Brights Pale Dry Select Sherry. MY GODDESs! The absolute power over the Internetweb I could have if I combine the awesome might of these two potables!

I'm going to the club.



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