Monday, May 12, 2008

Oooooooh I have a secret!

I do DVDs, as I well know; nobody reads this so, I don't know why I bother even stating that, as everyone that will ever read it (me) already knows this (aw shit, I've gone recursively self-referential). Anyway. I'm gonna be doing the Universal sampler disc this week - popping episodes of their shows onto DVDs to send out to stations, or clients, or whatever - its a tasty little snack-o-shows for promotional purposes. Well, I just got a couple of bundles of masters in, and there is a tape with 4th season Heroes stuff on it OMFGWTFBBCLOLCATSROTFLMAOAYBABTU!!!! I've yet to look at it, but I'm turgid with anticipation. We're doing the whole NDA thing, which is cool - 'cuz once I've seen it I can make an off-hand comment to my nerdly/fanboy friends that I HAD to watch this new, as yet unreleased Heroes footage - and then I don't have to tell them a damn thing about what happens in it because I'm protected from wheedling and whining by my NDA. He He He - it's deliciously evil in a petty, insignificant way, but hey - ya get yer kicks where you can.

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