Sunday, September 05, 2004

I can't get my boots off.

Back from the clubbing type thingy.
Went to Vatikan - nobody we really know, so we went by Velvet, and kept going by the huge crowd of smokers out front.
After a couple of drinks at Taro

AHHH, first boot off

We went back to Velvet for a drink and some dancing.
D'Jesse and Daniel were there. and Mona was about I think.

After dropping by Daniels for a 'lil sumpinsumpin we went to Darkrave, and
a good time was had by all. We met Mini RobandAbby - Steven and Emily,kinda freeky similarities.
We invited them, and Mona and her beau to come to game on Monday.

For those interested, many people will be coming to 78 Dewson St Toronto, ON
just north of college and east of ossington. Bring drink and meat, for we shall feast and roleplay. The maps up top.

Now it is time to chilax and wait for the sumpinsumpins to wear off so I may sleep.



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