Saturday, February 12, 2005

Fallout 2 - A Love/Hate Relationship

In the past 6 or 7 years I've started playing Fallout 2 like, a billion times; but for some reason eveytime I get finished with the second town it crashes for some reason. This time it's taken 2 hard drives and my sound card with it somehow.

I will beat this game, as Blog as my witness I will prevail!!!

So I shall now chronicle my quest to overcome this evily addictive game...

War Journal 2/12/5 1:00 PM
Fresh installation of Fallout 2 on a fresh installation of Win2K on a freshly fdisk'd hardrive. Patch applied- forgoing audio until I can pick up a new sound card, 10000 Spoons mashup "When Will I be Famous" playing on the PS/2 (my 'puter was my stereo until the sound card died). Gen'd my char - Agility 9 + small frame for Agil 10, Int 6, left the rest of the stats at 5, Finesse perk for better crit chance, tagged small guns, steal, and doctor - I'm gonna do a thieving sniper this time round. Ok, lets see how long it takes me to finish all the quests up to the end of the Den...


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