Sunday, September 05, 2004

Meesa is awakee now

Didn't get to sleep 'till 8:30 this morning, those 'lil sumpinsumpins
took longer than I tough to wear off.

Nice easy aftermorning this fine Sunday, getting my Webcam up and going so I can start capturing pics and vids to use with my video encoder/decoder card (scored a Netstream 2000 MPG-2 card, now all I need is to find some good software to use with it).

I saw and I'm very impressed, and inspired - I wanna do an Ambush Bug/ Steven Write version of this, of Bobcat Goldthwait/Wolverine, or Denis Leary/Lobo... Too bad I can't draw worth shit, but then again the Interwebnet should have lots of images to rip off and alter.

Emailed many peoples to invite them to Duncan and Dres housewarming/gamehosting party tommorrow - it should be fun.

YAY! The webcam works, now, as per my earlier post, I need Malt Liquor and Sherry so that I may begin total and complete domination of the interwebnets media outlets BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.



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